Pursuit Car Alarm Manual


Pursuit Car Alarm Manual

pursuit car alarm manual
    car alarm

  • Car Alarm is an album by The Sea and Cake, which was released on October 21, 2008 on Thrill Jockey Records.
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  • A car alarm is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both.

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pursuit car alarm manual – XO Vision

XO Vision DX370 Universal Car Alarm System with Two 4-Button Remotes
XO Vision DX370 Universal Car Alarm System with Two 4-Button Remotes
XO Vision DX370 Universal Car Alarm System Including Two 4-Button Remotes – 4-Button remote allows you to Lock/Unlock, disarm and siren with enhanced reception range. This unique system of remote control coding allows you to remotely arm/disarm the alarm system. Anti car-jacking protection with internal engine block. Advanced electronic shock sensor. High frequency from transmitter and receiver. Power trunk release output. Remote car finder with flashing lights. Remotely activate panic and get siren sound. Multi-function LED indicator. Protected override switch. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Amazon.com Product Description The XO Vision DX370 is a great way to protect your vehicle without emptying your wallet. You’ll get modern features like remote arming/disarming, anti-car-jacking protection, an advanced electronic shock sensor, and of course, a little peace of mind.

Protect your vehicle without emptying your wallet. Click to enlarge.
Remote Arm/Disarm
The included 4-Button remotes allow you to lock/unlock the vehicle, disarm or activate the alarm (panic mode) within reception range. A “hopping code” means the frequency can’t be easily intercepted and duplicated.
Convenience Features
In a crowded parking lot? Easily find your car by activating the car finder, which produces one long sound followed by 30 seconds of flashing vehicle lights.
The DX370 also features power trunk release and vehicle lock/unlock.
Advanced Electronic Shock Sensor
Shock sensors emit a warning or alarm when your vehicle is hit or moved. The DX370 features a multi-stage sensor that emits chirps for lighter touches and a full-blown alarm/horn honking for heavier impacts
Includes two four-button remotes. Click to enlarge.
Anti Car-Jacking Protection
The DX370 offers three ways to help in the event of an attempt to hijack the vehicle: remote button control, triggered by the door opening, or by the ignition switch. The mode is disabled via the remote, and if not disabled, activates an alarm of increasing intensity and eventually disables the engine.
High Frequency Transmitter/Receiver
High Frequency systems avoid interference from other radio devices and offer increased range.
One-Year Warranty
The DX370 is covered for a year after purchase.
What’s in the Box
XO Vision DX370 Universal Car Alarm System, Two 4-Button Remotes, Installation Manual

Car Alarm

Car Alarm
I woke up at around 3:30am Saturday morning to loud, rhytmic honking.

I’ve gotten used to Stamford being a very siren-oriented city. It seems like police and firepeople love to hear the sound of their own siren. With the help of an extra pillow over my head, I’ve gotten used to it. I even sleep with the window open most nights.

So when I heard the car alarm going off, I just shrugged my shoulders in dreamland and didn’t pay it much mind. After a few seconds it stopped and I started drifting back t- HONK HONK HONK. It started back up again just as I was about to fall back to sleep and shocked me up one more rung of the awake ladder. Over the course of 10 or 15 minutes, the random nature of the alarms stopping and starting ratcheted me back to complete awareness.

I figured it’d only be going off for a few more minutes, so I hit the can. While I was draining the snake, the alarm went off and on a few more times and I started to get angry. I flushed the toilet and walked over to the window and saw that the car was right under my window.

Someone was sitting in the drivers seat and someone else was drunkenly opening the hood like he knew what he was doing. He kept shutting the alarm off and she kept tripping it again. I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot. I seriously considered calling the aformentioned siren-happy cops, but I was too damn tired.

I have no idea what their problem was since they obviously had access to the vehicle, but they must have gotten another ride home because the car was still there in the morning. I would have keyed it, but what if they really were trying to steal it and I keyed some innocent person’s car?

Car Alarm!

Car Alarm!
We call this chap Car Alarm – which he mimics very well – in fact he is better than a car alarm as he is very melodic and sweet yodeler! He came and enjoyed the shelter of our porch this morning.

pursuit car alarm manual
pursuit car alarm manual

Crimestopper SP-400 Car Alarm with Remote Start, Keyless Entry and Engine Disable
1- Way combo alarm, keyless entry, and remote start system has 4-button transmitters with sliding button guard to prevent accidental button press. 2-way data port allows for direct plug-in data modules for easier installation. Other features include 433 MHz high frequency with extended range on-glass antenna dynamic code protection (anti code-grabbing), code learning receiver, audible and visual arm and disarm with intrusion alert, silent arm and disarm through the remote. Programmable features include remote panic protection, arm and disarm chirps passive and active arming mode, active rearm mode, carjack protection, auto lock and unlock through vehicle ignition and 1 or 3 second door lock pulse. Electronic dual-stage and dual adjustment shock sensor alarm pre-warning signal defective zone bypass with warning chirps led diagnostic for last zone trigger. Programmable vehicle horn-honk output 25W high-power mini single tone siren, on-board relay for flashing lights dome light illumination, 4 remote auxiliary outputs and 2 fixed, 2 programmable timed, momentary or latched on or off remote keyless entry. Negative door lock outputs separate driver’s door priority unlocks passive door locks which is a programmable feature.